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Tony Schultze: Nikos Skalkottas’s First Violin Teacher

Nikos Skalkottas has become quite a well-researched composer throughout the last two decades. In particular, his studies in Berlin with Willy Hess (violin) and subsequently with Arnold Schoenberg (composition) hold an unwavering fascination for his researchers. His early years in Athens though have not received such a high degree of attention. Thus, little is known about Skalkottas’s first violin teacher at the Athens Conservatory: Tony Schultze. Although counted among the most famous violinists and regarded as one of the best and most sought-after teachers in Athens during the first half of the 20th century, Schultze’s life remained unresearched until today and many biographical details seem to have got lost during the last decades. This article aims to put a man who was of paramount importance to Nikos Skalkottas, in the limelight. Schultze bestowed on Skalkottas the best violin technique possible in those times and thus made it possible for him to continue his studies in Berlin.


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