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New Information from the Solon Michaelides Archive

Solon Michaelides was a Cypriot composer, musicologist, and conductor with a considerable reputation in Cyprus, Greece, and abroad. Although several sources deal with various aspects of his life and work, they are often inconsistent with respect to the information they contain. Until recently, consulting the primary source material found in the Solon Michaelides Archive has been difficult because no catalogue existed for it prior to 2014.1 To correct this situation, I began compiling a catalogue for the archive, which I completed in March 2015.2 The archive offers the researcher much information about the composer’s life and musical activities. The numerous pieces of personal correspondence, for instance, open a window on Michaelides’s collaborations and relationships with various publishers, musicologists, conductors, partners, and public services. The archive also contains files of Michaelides’s clippings from magazines and newspapers about various aspects of his life and activities, including his publications, participation in conferences, concerts of his works, performances as conductor, reviews he had written and received, and his evolution as artist and person. Additionally, the archive contains many documents relating to his works and compositional methods, especially in the form of original scores, notes, and sketches.

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