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The Greek Musicologist Solon Michaelides

Michaelides, Solon (b. Nicosia, Cyprus, 12 Nov. 1905). Greek composer and musicologist. [...] (Blom, 1954).
Michaelides, Solon, Greek musicologist, conductor and composer; b. Nicosia, Cyprus, Nov. 25, 1905. [...] (Slonimsky, 1978).
Michaelides, Solon (b Nicosia, 12 Nov 1905; d Athens, 9 Sept 1979). Greek composer. [...] (Leotsakos, 1980 and 2001).
Michaelides, Solon (b Nicosia, 12 Nov 1905; d Athens, 9 Sept 1979). Cypriot composer, conductor, musicologist, and pedagogue. [...] (Kallis, 2015).

The above quotations from Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians of 1954, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians of 1978, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians of 1980 and of 2001, and the Grove Music Online of 2015 reflect the national identity conscience of Cypriots in the corresponding periods.1 During the twentieth century, Michaelides was a Greek, born in Nicosia on the Greek island of Cyprus. It is important to conceptualise this idiosyncrasy of Cypriots before proceeding to our talk on Solon Michaelides. The psychological repercussions of it were deep, resulting in an admiration of Greek culture and a sort of inferiority complex. Yiannis Papadakis and Mete Hatay, writing about the teaching of language as a means for creating national identity consciousness, describe how the Cypriot idiom “was treated as a vulgar, peasant and ugly idiom, while standard Greek was considered elevated and refined.”2 It is also to be noted that until 1960, the year that the Republic of Cyprus was established, the Cypriots shared the Greek flag; that they still today sing the Greek national anthem; and that for several years after 1960, schoolbooks were provided free of charge from the Greek Government.3 Both Cypriots and Greeks behaved as if Cypriots were Greeks.


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