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From private to public: The Zagreb Club Kvak and music

The Club Kvak was active in Zagreb from 1879 until 1941. The main aim of the Club was fun with subtle humor. Members were men, mostly from the upper classes, the wealthy citizens and artists. They met every Saturday and twice a year organised special events; almost always with musical performances. Although it was closed to the broader audience, their repertoire was also known outside the seat of the Club (even outside of Zagreb), primarily through printed Kvak compositions and performances of operetta-parodies. Among members were professional musicians and music-amateurs of various professions. Basically the repertoaire consists of short and simple songs and couplets. The list contains fifty-five pieces written by Kvak members or written for Kvak, and sixty-two other pieces that were part of their repertoire. Sheet music is preserved in the National and University Library in Zagreb, the library of the Croatian Music Institute and Zagreb City Museum.

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