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Editor's note

Μousikos Logos has existed in print since 2000 (the last issue was published in autumn 2012). What follows here marks the launch of the online edition and it might be seen as its "zero" issue: it contains articles written originally in English meant to appear in the stillborn project of an english printed edition. The real Number One is currently compiled by our first guest editor, Assoc. Prof. Dr Tatjana Markovic, Head of the Music and Cultural Studies Study Group of the IMS. It will appear online later in this autumn.

In the whole preparation I had -and hope I will keep having- valuable aid from Alexandros Charkiolakis to whom I extend my gratitude. Nothing of this would be technically possible without the efficiency and professionalism of colleague Andreas Giannakoulopoulos and his team, esp. Roubini Oikonomidou - thank you too!

On behalf of the Editorial Board
Panos Vlagopoulos

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