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V.Kalafati: Early Works and Studying at the St.Petersburg Conservatoire with N. Rimsky - Korsakov

This paper is devoted to the Russian composer Vasily Pavlovich Kalafati (1869-1942), a student of N. Rimsky – Korsakov at the St Petersburg Conservatory, a follower of his teaching traditions and himself a teacher for 29 years. Kalafati was a composer of academic leanings, a member of the Belyayev's Circle, and a recipient of the Glinka prize for his Piano Quintet op. 7 (M. P. Belaieff – Leipzig,2 1909) of chamber music competition (string quartet) in St Petersburg in 1907. He became one of the 52 famous Russian composers – laureates of the premium, founders of the Russian National School and belonged to the second generation of Russian composers. Among his most notable works was the symphonic poem Légende in C major, op. 20 for a large symphony orchestra and chorus (in memory of Schubert, 1928), which won him a prize at the 1928 International Schubert Competition in Vienna.3