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Mousikos Logos - Issue 4: 2019-2020 - ISSN: 1108-6963

The three research articles and the review included in the fourth online issue of Mousikos Logos (2019-20) span a broad spectrum of research interests, albeit without ever losing sight of a direct or indirect Greek reference. Christophe Corbier’s essay offers a detailed overview of the French reception of ideas of musical Greekness from the 1960s through the1980s, taking as its point of departure the work of pioneer film-maker Chris Marker. Eirini Diamantouli brings fresh impetus to a yet underexplored Greek musicological research: the case of Soviet composer of Greek origin Vasily Kalafati. Nina-Maria Wanek’s study sheds light on the life and work of an unsung hero of Greek musical life in the first half of the twentieth century: the Dutch violinist Tony Schulze, a Conservatory of Athens instructor and Nikos Skalkottas’s violin teacher. Finally, Dimitris Exarchos contributes to the ongoing dialogue between the Greek and the international musicological community with a review of yet another thought-provoking text by Lydia Goehr.

Mousikos Logos appears with its fourth online volume withstanding a series of difficulties in the continuous attempt to uphold its status as a Greek open access, peer-reviewed, English-language online academic journal. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to colleague Kenneth Owen Smith, to the volume’s copy editor Tim Rutherford-Johnson, and to the Ionian University Web team, especially Ms. Roubini Oikonomidou, for their unabated efforts and amiable support.

The Editorial Committee
Vasso Koutsobina         Kenneth Owen Smith          Panos Vlagopoulos          Petros Vouvaris