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Anastasia Siopsi

Anastasia Siopsi is an Associate Professor in “Aesthetics of Music”, Music Department, Ionian University; she is also tutor of a course entitled “History of the Arts in Europe” (degree in “European Culture”), Greek Open University. She has also a degree in Architecture (Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Department of Architecture, Thessaloniki). Her main research activities include papers and lectures in international musicological conferences and several publications and contributions in collective volumes, international musicological journals and publications in Greece and abroad, mainly on German romantic music, especially Richard Wagner’s music dramas (her PhD dissertation was entitled Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen”: The Reforging of the Sword or, Towards a Reconstruction of the People’s Consciousness, U.E.A., U.K., 1996); also on modern Greek art music, especially Manolis Kalomiris’s work and aesthetic and ideological aspects at the era of the National School of Music; on music in revivals of ancient drama in modern Greece; on Greek women composers; and on issues of music education in Greek Universities. Her books include (1) Three Essays on MANOLIS KALOMIRIS [Greek] (Athens: Greek Musicological Publications 4, Music Publishing House Papagrigoriou-Nakas, 2003), (2) Music in Nineteenth-Century Europe [Greek] (Athens: George Dardanos Publications (Gutenberg), 2005) and (3) Aspects of modern Greek identity through the looking glass of music in revivals of ancient drama in modern Greece [Greek], (Athens: George Dardanos Publications (Gutenberg), 2012. She is co-editor, together with Prof. Graham Welch (Institute of Education, U.K.), of an international on-line journal entitled ‘Hellenic Journal of Music, Education and Culture’ (HeJMEC, new window).